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10 Reasons Why Financial Services Firms Should Invest In Their Brand

We at Carolon are true believers that strategic marketing can truly set one company apart from another.

A strong brand is not built overnight nor does it stand on its own. However, a consciously defined brand can set one company apart from another by keeping it top of mind during discussions or foster a sense of trust from customers. As Jay Baer says, “Make your marketing so useful people would pay for it.”

In addition to improving a company’s ROI, there are numerous tangible reasons to invest in your brand.

  • Increase Share of Mind – Amplify your brand with a clear and confident brand position to improve visibility

  • Define Your Purpose – Highlight your reason for existing and clearly define each element of your marketing strategy

  • Lower Cost of Capital – Greater brand focus leads to an efficient marketing approach that more accurately targets the investors you want to reach

  • Improved Transaction Opportunities – Having a clear and confident brand identity increases your attractiveness to potential partners, intermediaries and targets

  • Strengthen Your Team – Build loyalty and pride by crafting a message and brand that your team can rally behind

  • Focused Messaging – Create a foundation for all communications that highlights your key points of differentiation

  • Bolster Your Reputation – Validate your position in the market by delivering a consistent and clear message

  • Attract the Best People – Success begets success, especially when it comes to talent

  • Personal Branding – Business increasingly requires a high-touch approach so personalizing your firm in the marketplace allows you to stand out in a crowded field

  • ROI – The bottom line. It’s possible to measure what you are spending, where you are spending it and what you are receiving in turn.

Carolon Capital works with companies in the financial services and asset management sectors on creating a strategic brand message and ensures that message is reflected throughout the company’s website, marketing materials, blog and social media presence. Carolon is working with a quasi-private equity firm on a two-fold project: improving deal flow opportunities and refreshing the marketing materials and website. Through carrying out thoughtful conversations with key industry stakeholders our client has relationships with, Carolon was able to formulate a clear brand message that would resonate in the market place and also keep the client top-of-mind for deal opportunities. This messaging was then reflected throughout the client’s website, marketing materials, communications and social media presence. A value add that sets one firm apart from another.