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Social Media for the M&A and Alternative Fund Professional

We would like to share our latest whitepaper, Social Media for the M&A and Alternative Fund Professional. Social media has quickly become a strong, and almost mandatory marketing tool for many B2C and B2B companies across corporate America – increasing brand engagement and building the customer base.

As social media continues to proliferate, financial services companies and fund professionals have begun to embrace marketing and branding tactics that leverage social media tools. A recent survey conducted by Brunswick Group found that institutional and private investors utilize social media as a listening and research tool to supplement their own investment convictions. The survey found that 24% of investors made an investment decision after reading a blog and 28% investigated an issue seen on Twitter.

The tide has turned, and fund managers understand that investing in social media is an excellent way to build a brand while influencing existing and potential relationships through a new form of high-powered networking. A website is no longer enough. Deploying a strategic digital marketing plan that encompasses social media will build a firm’s brand quicker while also strengthening existing relationships.

In this whitepaper, compliance expert, Gartland & Melina, and brand marketing expert, Carolon Capital, explain how to utilize social media to build your firm’s brand and expand engagement while ensuring your strategy is compliant with regulatory requirements.

We would be delighted to speak with you about how creating a targeted brand strategy utilizing tools such as social media, can have a compounding effect on business development efforts.

Social Media Whitepaper [3.36 MB]