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THB U.S. Opportunities UCITS Fund

The THB U.S. Opportunities UCITS Fund (the “Fund”) has an investment strategy focused on U.S. micro and smaller cap equities. The Fund utilizes a proprietary multi-factor quality assessment to review new opportunities, including management quality, financial strength, industry position and environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) factors. Thomson Horstman & Bryant, Inc. (“THB”) tracks carbon intensity, estimates portfolio revenue exposure to both positive and negative factors and continuously reviews company ESG ratings. THB is a signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment and the Montreal Carbon Pledge.

Founded in 1982, THB is a boutique investment firm specializing in long-only micro, small and mid-cap U.S. equity strategies. THB has approximately $850 million in assets under management in the U.S. and Australia. With a team of four portfolio managers, THB’s investment philosophy is based on a disciplined, yet active approach, using qualitative and quantitative strategies resulting in efficient diversification. Headquartered in Norwalk, CT, THB is 100% employee-owned.

Class NameKIIDISIN CodeBloomberg Ticker
Class A (EUR) Accumulation Class A EUR IE00BD5TBL07 THBAEUR ID
Class A (GBP) Accumulation Class A GBP IE00BD5TBM14 THBAGBP ID
Class A (USD) Accumulation Class A USD IE00BD5TBK99 THBAUSD ID
Class B (SEK) Accumulation Class B SEK IE00BD5TBN21 THBBSEK ID
Class C (SEK) Accumulation Class C SEK IE00BG06VV78 THBCSEK ID
Class F (GBP) Accumulation Class F GBP IE00BF08Z700 THBFGBP ID
Class I (EUR) Accumulation Class I EUR IE00BYX84624 THBIEUR ID
Class I (GBP) Accumulation Class I GBP IE00BYXBHD96 THBIGBP ID
Class I (USD) Accumulation Class I USD IE00BYXBHC89 THBIUSD ID